...wie vindt dat hij/zij best vaak nogal krap moet inparkeren met de kist...

...moet dan maar eens hiernaar kijken:
https://www.instagram.com/p/B6YkygTBh8t/ :stapelge:

Ja, "blind vertrouwen" hebben in je marshallurt is dan hard nodig... :1855:

Teamwork makes the dream work...
Here is an example of a F/A-18E from #vfa97
showing how challenging it is to move around the flight deck of the #ussjohncstennis .

Check out how close the nose gear is to the scupper (edge of the flight deck).

From the pilots perspective in the cockpit,
it often feels like you are hanging over the edge of the ship
since the nose gear is behind you.

You need to have total trust in your Aircraft Director.

It’s crazy that this is done day and night, good weather and bad weather,
and the worst...pitching deck while it’s raining at night...