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Two UH-60's buzz a real Air Traffic Control tower in Iraq. The video is shot from the roof, where on the left side you can note the presence of a wind flag as well as various antennas. The first aircraft practically loses paint on these antennas. You can also see the flag catch the wind off Chalk 1.

Nothing better than a Herc doing a fly-by past the Tower you work in!!!

Taken at Bulembu Airport (FABE), South Africa
...vanaf 0.20 wordt het interessant.
Noorwegen 10 jaar geleden, geen erg bekend filmpje:

Low pass norvegian F-16
Gepubliceerd op 6 jan. 2007

After an FAC exercise mission the pilot did a LOW pass! Aprox 40 feet.
...heel veel hoger dan dit zal het niet geweest zijn...

...en de wat langere versie van

...en dat zijn toch behoorlijk wat passes...
A pair of F-35 pilots from The Netherlands showed off their new mounts in amazing fashion to waiting photographers in Death Valley.

A pair of Royal Netherlands Air Force F-35As paid photographers shooting along the rim of Death Valley's "Star Wars Canyon," also known as "Rainbow Canyon" and by its military route name, the Jedi Transition, a spectacular visit yesterday.


Royal Netherlands Air Force promotional shoot. 2 x F-35A Lightning II's putting on a show in California, December 2017.
MiG-29 low pass
ukraine air force
video from instagram

Shocking? Neuh, eerder "Smoke-erig"... ;)

Deze F-16 start na een onderhoudsbeurt te Kjeller, Noorwegen, ging niet helemaal goed. Bird hit, toestel kon gelijk naar Gardermoen Oslo uitwijken...
USAF F/A-18 extreme low pass

A B-52 crew performing a low level flyby of a ground-based radar scoring site in preparation for SAC's Bomb Comp 1991.

Yours truly was aboard on this particular day as part of a 1st Combat Evaluation Group (CEVG) sortie
to calibrate the bomb scoring radar at the site.

This job is just plain fun.
I had a friend with a video camera at the site to record the action.

It was a very windy day at this site in West Texas.
The airplane was crabbing into the wind quite a bit.
That made it a lot more difficult to fly the correct path over the site.

Also, cameo appearances by the FB-111 and B-1 bombers.

The FB-111 pilot had a right seater from the Wing with him, so he couldn't show us quite so much of what the airplane can do.

Too bad, because the FB-111 at low level is such a great sight.

The B-1 guys, well...who knows.
I think the pilot was just demonstrating the "by the book" method.
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Boeing Ch-2 chinook low fly over my garden
...ja, die gaat wel erg snel...

...beetje vage clip. :dozey:
De naam van het Youtube-account is ook niet echt onomstreden... :angel:

Civiele Lockheed L-100 Hercules


After parachute jumping exercise @DROPZONE SULAIMAN, WEST JAVA the Indonesian Air Force face downward and one C130 making LOW Pass above them.

...totalen en bijzonderheden voor eind 2018?
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