VLM en Cityjet, de plannen voor 2014 en verder...

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VLM (VG, Antwerp) will become a more distinct and separate entity from its sister carrier, Cityjet (WX, Dublin Int'l), according to Intro Aviation's plans for the airline.

Outlining his intentions for the Belgian carrier, Hans Rudolf Wöhrl, the founder and Chairman of Intro Group,
said VLM will transform from a full-service, scheduled operator into an ACMI provider.

“We intend to separate VLM from CityJet.

As a result, VLM Airlines will become a direct Belgian independent subsidiary of our Irish holding company.

In the future, VLM Airlines will be a substantial provider of ACMI and charter services with CityJet as one of its main customers,” he said.

On his firm's future plans for Cityjet, Wöhrl said that the finalization of the sale of the carrier from Air France (AF, Paris CDG) to Intro would allow the airline to start with a clean financial slate.

Advancing this notion, Cityjet will be rebranded in June to further reinforce the airline's new beginnings.
...op http://www.ch-aviation.com/portal/n...-outlines-immediate-plans-for-vlm-and-cityjet
gaat het verhaaltje verder.
Sukhoi SSJ 100-95, iemand ? ;)
Tja, "interessante'' tijden in het vooruitzicht in ieder geval... Cursusje Russisch is wel leuk, Brazil daarintegen weer wat warmer. Ach ja we zullen het allemaal maar (weer) gaan beleven. Zou persoonlijk graag de blauwe livery terug zien komen :). Maar gok zelf dat ze eerder met Embraers aan zullen komen voor de Mighty Mini Galaxy.


Nou Kebab, toch een cursusje Ruski!
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