SOLD: Sennheiser ANR te koop


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Te koop Sennheiser HMEC 460 ANR headset. LEMO plug én jackstekkers (middels een contra). Incl tas.
Werkt al jaren probleemloos, maar de radio werkt niet samen met de set die mijn vliegmaat in ons toestel heeft, dus ik heb nu zijns gelijke gekocht.
Voor EUR 350,00 is-ie voor jou. Nieuwprijs $799,00.

The Sennheiser HMEC 460 headset was created especially with pilots in mind. The new inline power module and supreme comfort, sound and design of the HMEC 460 make it a truly first-class headset.
Communication is of highest importance while flying high, so Sennheiser made the headset as efficient as possible. The closed ear protector headphones seal off cockpit surroundings, while the exclusive NoiseGard™ active noise compensation effectively reduces the roar of the engine. Others will hear the pilot clearly thanks to the noise-cancelling boom microphone, which is optimized for superior speech transmission.

Sennheiser also threw in a few fun perks for those long flights. Pilots can fire up the new module with just two (2) AA batteries and enjoy exclusive benefits, like listening to audio from a cell phone and music device simultaneously. The audio will automatically fade when the pilot is contacted by air traffic control, so theyll always be in the know. The set can also be used as standard headphones one can just switch off the NoiseGard feature and enjoy!

The HMEC 460 replaces the HMEC 450 aviation headset and includes several upgrades. The ultra-cushioned headband has 30% less caliper pressure than its predecessor, meaning the set will rest more comfortably around ones head. The extremely soft leatherette earpads add to the comfy feel, while the silver-brushed surface gives the set a sleeker, more exclusive look.

Features of the Sennheiser 460 Headset include:

  • Constant attenuation of up to 40dB throughout the entire audio range
  • Superior speech intelligibility
  • Electronics fully integrated into headphone capsules
  • Can be used as conventional headphones when supply voltage is switched off
  • Noise compensated boom microphone for superior speech transmission460 Sennheiser.jpg460 Sennheiser.jpg